Top Trends for Manufacturers

Megan BurnsLeadership, Operations, Strategy, Updates

To maintain a competitive edge, companies are often looking for the next initiative or trend to integrate to help them grow. However, you can’t implement all of them, so which ones are the most useful and impactful?
1. Strategic Alignment – Gone are the days when quality and continuous improvement were relegated to just¬†Operations. Companies have realized that to get the most impact from these tools, they must be deployed across the entire organization and aligned with the overall corporate strategy. This means baselining the current organization, establishing goals that support the overall corporate metrics, and identifying and integrating those projects into the business’ action plan.
2. Technology Transformation – Call it the “Internet of Things” (IoT), smart manufacturing, or advanced analytics but the integration of production with information systems is how many companies are looking to gain a competitive edge. The key to being successful with this trend is is knowing which data is important enough to capture and review.
3. Drip Learning – Every business leader wants a return on their investment when training their people. Too often, employees attend training then forget or don’t implement what they’ve learned. To help employees retain and use more of what they learn in training, companies and trainers are using this strategy. Drip learning involves sending training participants short emails, links, or text messages reinforcing the material from the class. Some of these may be a short tool tip (i.e. how to set-up a Gage R&R) or an opportunity for the participant to practice a skill (i.e. giving constructive feedback). The key is encouraging the class participant to remember and apply what they have learned.
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