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Consulting_Services_HelpLet’s be frank: You want to improve your business.

That’s why you’re here. Maybe you’re tired of not getting the customized attention you need to really see results.

Since no two companies are alike, we tailor every consulting engagement to the individual organization.

As a result, our clients get massive bottom-line results. On average clients realize 25 times their investment with us in savings and improvements.

Our consulting firm is organized into three primary service areas:

Operations Consulting

Are you losing time and money due to rework and scrap?
Are you growing and need the systems and infrastructure to support that growth?

We work with clients to improve their processes while impacting bottom-line profits. Whether it’s the Vice President of Operations or your floor operators, our team knows how to communicate with them to get them engaged in the project. These projects can include “Current Operations Snapshot,” “Value Stream Analysis” and “Execution & Project Coaching.”

Strategy Consulting

Are you struggling to move your corporate strategy out of binders and into action?
Are your continuous improvement efforts isolated to just quality or operations?

By working with a client’s executive team we can help them develop a cohesive strategy that aligns every aspect of the organization with the overall vision. We then help you break this into an action plan that you can hold people accountable to. These sessions can include “Current Strat-Op Plan Snapshot,” “Basic Strat-Op Plan” and “Advanced Strat-Op Plan.”

Quality Consulting

Are your clients demanding you become compliant to standards such as ISO 9001:2015 or TS16949?
Do you need to update or revise your quality management system (QMS)?

We can assess your current system, compare it to the standard, and guide your team through the process of becoming compliant or preparing for your registration audit. If you already have a QMS in place, we can train your auditors for you or even conduct your internal audits for you.


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Our Engagements

Sometimes something has gone wrong or you just know you need an outside group to engage with the task at hand with you. Our engagements are always tailored to the client and their specific situation. They can be as short as a few days or as long as several months. Every consulting engagement begins with an initial assessment where we work with the client to agree on specific outcomes, timelines, and resource availability.

If you’re ready to make the next step to improve your business, contact us for a free consultation.