5 Keys to Operational Excellence

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Maturity Matrix

Over the course of my career, I’ve met numerous continuous improvement and operations professionals. While they are passionate about improving their organization and adding value, often they feel their efforts are unsupported and viewed as being isolated from the other departments. Yet, in many of those same organizations, I have heard the executive team talk about achieving operational excellence. Why … Read More

Shift Your Continuous Improvement Program Into Overdrive

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Is your continuous improvement (CI) program achieving all you want from it? Ever wondered or wished that it would be more productive? You’re not alone, recent studies have shown that approximately 60 percent of executives are disappointed with the results of their continuous improvement initiatives. That’s pretty dismal. The good news? You don’t have to be one of the 60 … Read More

5 Habits To Get Yourself Unstuck

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As we are pursuing our goals, there are times when we get stuck. We start going in circles instead of towards our destination. I ran into this problem earlier this year in my business and spent too much time going in circles instead of breaking out and getting back on track to my destination. As I went through that process, … Read More

Keys to Becoming World-Class

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If you’ve been running your business for more than 20-minutes, you have at some point thought about what it takes to develop into a great company. Often we refer to these great organization as world-class. Regardless of whether you lead a division in a 25,000 person multi-national company or you’re a microbusiness, you want to perform at your best. So … Read More