Grant Funding You Should Be Aware Of

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While many manufacturing companies know there are grants available to off-set the costs for training and consulting projects, they don’t always know the details. Here are five funding sources you should be aware of and take advantage of. 1. Guaranteed Free Training (GFT) – Most companies refer to this program as WEDnet. The GFT program is provided by the Workforce … Read More

5 Keys to Operational Excellence

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Maturity Matrix

Over the course of my career, I’ve met numerous continuous improvement and operations professionals. While they are passionate about improving their organization and adding value, often they feel their efforts are unsupported and viewed as being isolated from the other departments. Yet, in many of those same organizations, I have heard the executive team talk about achieving operational excellence. Why … Read More

Top Trends for Manufacturers

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To maintain a competitive edge, companies are often looking for the next initiative or trend to integrate to help them grow. However, you can’t implement all of them, so which ones are the most useful and impactful? 1. Strategic Alignment – Gone are the days when quality and continuous improvement were relegated to just Operations. Companies have realized that to get … Read More

What is Your Vision Worth?

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Business leaders across the country are launching and beginning to execute their visions for 2013. Company meetings are being held to announce what the organization’s focus will be for the next 12 months. However, when the next deadline for the debt ceiling, economic hiccup, or customer crisis hits, many of these visions – just like our New Year’s Resolutions – … Read More