Leadership and Commitment Paradox – Guest Post by Deb Ingino

Megan BurnsLeadership, Managing

One of the most challenging and exciting areas of manufacturing leadership is gaining the commitment of the individuals on your team toward a goal. Perhaps it is a targeted productivity gain, a rise in quality levels, or finding a solution to an efficiency problem. There are several key components to gaining commitment from team members. This is how some of … Read More

What is Your Vision Worth?

Megan BurnsContinuous Improvement, Leadership, Operations, Strategy

Business leaders across the country are launching and beginning to execute their visions for 2013. Company meetings are being held to announce what the organization’s focus will be for the next 12 months. However, when the next deadline for the debt ceiling, economic hiccup, or customer crisis hits, many of these visions – just like our New Year’s Resolutions – … Read More

Are We Just Going In Circles?

Megan BurnsLeadership, Operations, Strategy

Have you ever had those moments where you feel like you’ve been in this situation or gone through the day once before? A deja vu moment? Do you ever feel like you’re repeatedly putting out the same fires or reminding people to not make the same mistake? At these moments, have you asked yourself, “Are we just going in circles … Read More

Why Care About Productivity?

Megan BurnsContinuous Improvement, Leadership, Operations, Quality, Strategy

Productivity. We all want our companies to be more productive, right? The ability to produce more, faster, with less effort and lower costs. This is what we are all striving for. But why? When I look at the manufacturing landscape, I see three types of organizations: the first tries to become more productive by cutting costs, training, and people in an effort … Read More