What A Disaster Relief Trip Taught Me About Leadership

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First home we had to demolish. (That's Megan on the right in the baseball hat.)

Ever have one of those times, when you thought you were really good at something and then you realize how much you can still improve? Those moments when you think you’ve got it all together, then BAM, reality splashes you in the face with some icy cold water. Yep, that was me the last week of June in Shawnee, OK. … Read More

Change Takes Courage, But Why Should They Care?

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By Eric Kulikowski, Dare to be Amazing, LLC   C-H-A-N-G-E – six little letters that can perpetrate so much anxiety. Reactions to a changing environment are always unpredictable. Being prepared to address the resistance to change is a key success factor necessary to achieve your goals as a change leader. According to the Institute for Corporate Productivity, managing and coping … Read More

Busy or Productive?

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Ever notice how you can be busy all day and still not get anything accomplished? It’s usually because all your time is consumed by the urgent instead of the important. I noticed myself doing this and also saying how busy I was. Sure I was busy, but was I always as productive as I should be? By making a few … Read More

Productivity – What’s in a Name? – Guest Post by Thomas Bloom

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If you have spent any amount of time in or around manufacturing you undoubtedly have been conditioned to focus on productivity, but what is productivity really? By my own estimation I’ve seen productivity displayed or measured in at least a half dozen different variations. Is productivity really the end all and be all metric? As a lean practitioner I often … Read More