20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Megan

Shooting 20111. I have played the piano since I was 3 and at one point wanted to attend the Curtis Institute of Music to become a professional pianist.

2. I love to challenge the status quo; who says it has to be done that way, surely there’s a better way. This often got me into some interesting discussions with teachers and bosses.

3. I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My dad played football and taught me to appreciate the game.

4. One of my favorite things to do is go to the shooting range with my dad, son, friends, or anyone else who will go with me.

5. I’ve been shooting since I was 7 and picked up archery when I was 12.

6. I’ve gone to Steelers’ training camp since I was 5 years old. (Remember #3?)

7. I don’t work on March 13 or September 16. No matter what, my kids get 1-on-1 time with me on their birthday.

8. I train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and actually trained with Willy Blanks for a while when I lived in Erie, PA.

9. I first learned calligraphy in 5th grade and really appreciate fine writing instruments and beautiful stationary.

10. I walked on to my college swimming and diving team as a freshman diver with no experience and became captain my junior year.

11. I’m an idea person. I love talking with people about what they could do or become and how to develop a strategy to get them there.

12. I’ve successfully fought two rounds with melanoma. A good friend of mine lost her battle, so I fight for both of us.

13. I successfully finished my first half-marathon in 2013.

14. I love the performing arts and have appeared on stage as a dancer and in numerous plays and musicals.

15. I’ve been to 25 of the 50 states.

16. I like to collect inspiring quotes. My favorites are going on different walls in my home. (Fortunately, my husband likes this idea too.)

17. I celebrated my 30th birthday in the Bahamas and my 32nd birthday in Paris (ok, we never actually left Charles DeGaul airport, but we did celebrate).

18. I worked as a lifeguard for 4 summers and had more than 30 saves.

19. Thanks to my dad, I know how to gut a room down to the studs, rewire it, hang and finish drywall, lay tile, and do finish trim. He also taught me how to dry and seal a foundation, install French drains, backfill properly, and build retaining walls.

20. I’ve had my picture appear in Fortune magazine.